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Be a part of your child's school life

This is a magic time in your child’s life and it can be for you too.  Remember back when the biggest drama was what flavour sandwiches were in your lunch box.  Here at the PTA fellow Mums and Dads can be a part of that primary school magic without cramping your kids’ style.  Our parents give their time freely, offer skills at no reward and elbow grease with unexpected panadol.


Our job is simple - raise money. And through all manner of creativity, good planning and laughter, we have the motivation and drive to provide Mr T and his team with money to buy the things for our school and kids that normally just might not happen.  That’s not to mention the occasional fun event.


Where does the money we raise go?

- We raise about $50,000 a year and here’s a snapshot of where some of it goes:
- Wet day games for all classrooms
- Small whiteboards for all classrooms
- Non-fiction books
- Library NZ Scholastic Orders for 2015
- Sunshine Online 2015 annual licence
- Upgrading sports uniforms:  netball, touch rugby, swimming, soccer
- Sporting equipment
- Technology throughout the school (iPads)
- The creation of the native garden
- Paving and footpaths
- Enhancing the swimming pool area

Have a think about joining us.  We’ve all manner of people on the team. Some work full-time, some part.  And you can always be a casual member being included in events that take your fancy.


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