We are raising money to upgrade our playgrounds! Each family will recieve a zip lock bag with a collection of 10 mini Flexo builds. Sell them for $5 each to your family, friends, neighbours. If you sell the whole pack of 10, you’ll recieve a gift of a flexo kiwi.

If you want to sell more, that’s GREAT! The school recieves 50% (excl GST).

Flexo have lots of other packs you can purchase online. When selling your mini Flexo builds, we will be giving our family, friends and neighbours a brochure to show all the products Flexo sell.

Use your Botany Downs code to support the school’s fundraising efforts towards upgrading the playgrounds.

Free freights to the customer, and the school gets 30% (excl GST).

Thanks in advance for your support!

Colour Run – 
Wow! This was a wonderful day of fun, entertainment and COLOUR! Many thanks to the PTA for organising this fantastic event and our community for supporting it so well.