What is a Walking School bus?

It’s an organised group of children who walk to and from school along a designated route, under the supervision of adult volunteers. Children are ‘picked up’ and ‘dropped off’ at specific walking school bus ‘bus stops’.

Walking School Buses (WSBs) reduce the number of cars on the road, making our environment safer and cleaner, and they provide exercise for kids in a fun and social way.

WSBs are owned and operated by volunteer parents and caregivers, and supported by the school and Auckland Transport.

It is a great way for childern to learn road safety, meet new people, and have fun and exercise! Same also for the adults!

For parents it also means children are getting to and/or from school safely, and you save on petrol costs!

We would love to get more children, and parents, walking to and from school.

Click on the link below to find out more about the latest Walking School Bus routes.