Year 6 children who express an interest in becoming a House Leader complete an application form, are given problem-solving tasks and
attend a group interview. Teachers then have the tricky task of narrowing down and selecting 12 deserving students from a large group of worthy candidates.

Botany Downs School fosters ‘BEST’ values of Belief,
Excellence, Skills and Thoughtfulness and the House Leaders endeavour to lead their Houses with these values in mind.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as House Leaders for 2020:

Batten House: Cameron Smith, Chloe Luo and Meleane Lomu

Blake House: Isabella Stewart, Nathan Wang and Vincent Cheng

Hillary House: Angelo Su’a, Asher Dawson and Erin Simonson

Sheppard House: Isla Donaldson, Jesse Stubenitsky and Mikayla Fillet