Botany Downs welcomes enrolments at all levels.

Children are entitled to start school the day they have their fifth birthday. Parents can report to the school office to complete the enrolment. Alternatively you may print the form below and return it to the school. For all students enrolling at a New Zealand school for the first time, it is a requirement that the child’s birth certificate be sighted.

Our enrolment pack includes a wide range of information on all aspects of the school and community, and is available from the school office.

For five year olds beginning school, pre-entry meetings with parents are run on a regular basis, and new entrants are invited for morning visits prior to starting.

The Principal, in conjunction with the Syndicate Leader, will then place your child in an appropriate classroom to suit their needs.

Click here to download a copy of our enrolment form.

School Donation and Activity Fee

All students are charged an activity fee, which covers the costs of trips, and various activities that we are charged for by outside suppliers.
Our school donations are set at a relatively low level compared to other local schools, and are used to purchase resources not covered by government funding. All parents are encouraged to make this donation, as all children enjoy the benefits which accrue from the resources purchased.

The donation can be paid in instalments, by arrangement. For more information, please email the school office.

School Zone

Here is an image of our school zone: