Student Absence/Late Arrival

Parents are requested to phone the school between 8.00 a.m. and 9.15 a.m. to advise if their child will be absent (child’s name, teacher’s name, brief explanation).  You may ring before 8.00 am and leave a message on the answer phone (ph 534 9848).

You can also email us at, or via our school app if you wish, to notify an absence.

Late Arrival: if your child is late to school (after 8.50am), please bring them to the office and sign them in.

School Uniforms

To find out more about our Uniform, and other school policies, please go to:

Username: botanydowns / Password: best


The aim of homework is to provide further opportunities to consolidate skills initiated in the classroom. Generally junior children will bring home a daily reading book and some essential spelling words to learn. As the children get older they will be given activities to extend their work knowledge, maths, and basic facts.

Cool Schools and Peer Mediation

At Botany Downs School we run a peer mediation, and Cool Schools programme.

The Peer Mediators roam around the playground helping children to solve problems they are having. This programme also gives children strategies they can use when having problems with their friends.

For more information about this programme please click here.

School Docs

All our policies and procedures are available to view on School Docs. To access them, Simply go to:

Username: botanydowns / Password: best

HPPA Fair Play Charter

Botany Downs School is a signatory to, and supporter of, the HPPA Fair Play Charter.