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Botany Downs welcomes enrolments at all levels to students living within our school zone. We do not offer placements for Out-of-Zone. Children are entitled to start school the day they have their fifth birthday. Our enrolment pack includes a wide range of information on all aspects of the school and community, and is available from the school office. Parents can report to the school office to complete the enrolment before their child’s first day. Alternatively you may print the form below and return it to the school with the required documentation. For all students enrolling at a New Zealand school for the first time, it is a requirement that the child’s birth certificate be sighted.

Bright Sparks:

For five year olds beginning school, pre-entry meetings with parents are run on a regular basis which cover information about our school and helps you to support your child’s transition to school. New entrants are invited for morning visits prior to starting and this helps them become comfortable with how school works. Please contact Lisa Bethune to find out more about Bright Sparks: lisab@botanydowns.school.nz  

How to enrol:

The Education Act gives a guarantee of enrolment to students who live in the home zone specified in the school’s enrolment scheme. The Board needs to be sure that an in zone address is genuine, because it is required to manage the enrolment scheme for the benefit of local students.   The address given at the time of application for enrolment must be the student’s usual place of residence when the school is open for instruction. This means that if you currently live at an in zone address but move to an out of zone address before your child’s first day of attendance at the school, your child will not be entitled to enrol at Botany Downs School.The Ministry of Education has advised that parents should also be warned of the possible consequences of deliberately attempting to gain unfair priority in enrolment by knowingly giving a false address or making an in-zone living arrangement which they intend to be only temporary eg:

  • Renting accommodation in-zone on a short-term basis;
  • Arranging temporary board in-zone with a relative or family friend;
  • Using the in-zone address of a relative or friend as an “address of convenience”, with no intention to live there on an ongoing basis.

If the school learns that a student is no longer living at the in-zone address given at the time of application for enrolment and has reasonable grounds to believe that a temporary in-zone residence has been used for the purpose of unfairly gaining priority in enrolment at the school, then the board may review the enrolment. Unless the parents can give a satisfactory explanation within 10 days, the board may annul the enrolment. This course of action is provided for under section 110A of the Education Act 1989. Documentation required for enrolment:

  • A completed form for Botany Downs School (available from the school office, or download below)
  • Birth Certificate or Child’s passport if not born in New Zealand
  • Visa Documents – if relevant. These include Residency Permits and Student Visas, Parents’ work permits etc.
  • Parents’ Passports if they have work permits.
  • TWO forms of Proof of Residence (see below)Proof of Address 1)
  • Immunisation form – or certificate from your local Doctor for all children enrolling. If you do not wish to immunise, we must be advised for our records in case of a health emergency.

Download a copy of our enrolment form here: BDS enrolment form.pdf .  

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Residence: TWO required

  • Auckland City Rates Demand for the address provided/IRD with address
  • Power Account for the address provided
  • Telephone Account (landline) for the address provided
  • Bank Statement showing the address provided
  • Rental Agreement

Your child will then be placed in an appropriate classroom to suit their needs.  

School Zone

Please contact the school office if you are unsure whether you are living within our school zone.

Enrolment Form

Botany Downs Enrolment Form View Document