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Our Vision & Values


Our Vision: 
Our BEST always –
Beliefs – Excellence – Skills – Thoughtfulness

Our Values:
Courtesy and manners, respect, responsibility, honesty, consideration,
co-operation, determination and tolerance.

Our Houses:
Represent four Kiwis who showed their BEST:


Values Programme:

We run a ‘Values Programme’ at Botany Downs School, based around eight values incorporated through our emphasis upon doing Our BEST Always:

  • Courtesy and Manners – show politeness in your attitude and behaviour towards others.
  • Respect – act in a way that shows you care about others’ feelings and well-being.
  • Responsibility – do your Botany BEST in whatever you do. (Belief, Excellence, Skills, Thoughtfulness)
  • Honesty –  speak the truth and act truthfully.
  • Consideration – allow others to have ideas and opinions.
  • Co-operation – work well as part of a team or group.
  • Determination – be resilient and push yourself to work through challenges.
  • Tolerance – respectfully disagree with someone’s opinion or way of doing something.


Values are modelled by teachers and staff, and are promoted by Peer Mediators. We also focus on these values as part of our class learning programme, and each term focusses on different values:

Term 1: Courtesy and Manners, Respect

Term 2: Responsibility, Honesty

Term 3: Consideration, Cooperation

Term 4: Determination, Tolerance