The role of the Board of Trustees is to govern the school. The Board of Trustees is extremely supportive and proactive in ensuring that the school has the resources it needs, and in maintaining our pleasant environment. The Board has a strong commitment to smaller classes across the school, numbers permitting. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the school staffroom at 7.00pm, and all are welcome to attend. The School Strategic Plan, Policy Statements, reports and meeting minutes/agendas are available from our office upon request. The Board has elections every 18 months. The Board attempts, where possible, to keep a mix of new and experienced trustees. The Board includes the principal and a staff representative (elected by staff). All parents of children attending the school are eligible to vote in BOT elections. To find out more, please click here.

Current Board members:

Vicki Parkins (Principal), Rita Lala (Teacher Representative)

Parent Representatives:

Richard Tosh (Presiding Board Member), Kerry Budd, Matthew Cooke, Dave Johnson, Jess Storey, Irene Liang


Strategic Plan

2021 Strategic Plan

Financial Reports

Financial Statement 2020

 Financial Statement 2019

Financial Statement 2018  


School Donation The Board of Trustees is asked regularly by parents about school funding and, in particular, the Parent Donations. Botany Downs Primary School receives its funding from a number of sources. The core funding comes from the Ministry of Education which provides for staff salaries and operational expenditure, and is largely preallocated at the start of the year. We also receive regular grants for capital projects such as the recent renovation of Rooms 1619 and the upcoming canopy areas that will improve all-weather access to outdoor spaces. However, we are always eager to improve the learning experiences for our students and respond to issues that are specific to Botany Downs Primary School which often are not able to be provided through our annual core funding. Much of this is funded through two voluntary donations:

The School Activities Donation:  A per annum contribution of $50.00 that goes directly towards educational visits, school performances and activities directly related to core curriculum outcomes. For example: trips to Auckland Museum, facilitating Art Night, and sports buses are all made possible by this donation

Parent Donation: Every year the Board of Trustees asks parents for donations that support a wide range of other support activities that contribute directly to the Botany Downs learning environment. Last year, the Parent Donation funded:

  • specialist teachers for Music and Swimming
  • Librarian and teacher aides, 
  • Enrichment and Intervention programmes
  • Devices for our digital curriculum
  • playground equipment and improvements to the school environment

Funds from Parent Donations are used exclusively by Botany Downs for our own specific needs and unfortunately, without Parent Donations many of these support programmes and initiatives may need to be dropped It is important to emphasise that these donations are voluntary and the Board recognises that not all families are in a position to contribute, as the current situation continues to impact all of us in different ways. This year the Board has kept our recommended donation at $235 for one student and capped the recommended donation at $470 if you have two or more students at school. Payments can be paid in one lump sum, or spread across the year, and can be paid for through KINDO or by direct debit to our school bank account. It can also be paid to the office by Eftpos or Credit card. Please contact our executive officer for further questions about payment. Parent Donations are tax deductible